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Fixing your WiFi

WiFi - Broadband - Computers - TVs - Home Automation

WiFi - Broadband - Computers
TVs - Home Automation

WiFi not working?
No coverage where you need it?
Broadband too slow?
Can't get internet when the kids are gaming?
Computers laggy?
Time to make coffee while it starts up?
I can sort it all for you
Efficient, fast fixes for your requirements in your home.
Sorting WiFi coverage and speed problems, making sure your broadband package is best for you. Helping you to get the best perfomance from all of your tech and connected devices with no baffling technical jargon.

Keep it working

Make it work YOUR way

Take back control

Add new features

Remote health monitoring

Parental controls

Limit their time on the 'net! 

Priority Management

Make sure everyone gets their fair share

Smart home installations

From Alexa to full building solutions
Let me help you get sorted
Give me a call on
or e-mail me at
07408 804400  alistair@wifiwizz.co.uk
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